With schedules becoming busier and busier, it is important now more than ever to sustain a connection with your congregation and encourage involvement. Mobile Marketing is the perfect method for churches, ministries and other religious organizations to regain the interest of the congregation at all ages.  Utilizing today’s preferred method of communication, texting, is the ‘go to’ option for instantly reaching your congregation anytime, anywhere.  Mousetrap Mobile’s Taser Text Reminder System allows you to send reminders for youth and adult religious events, prayer requests, inspiration messages, donation requests, interactive text contests and trivia, and much more.

What We Do

Many churches have already discovered the power of group texting! Text message marketing / SMS marketing for ministries enhances church communication and youth communication like never before. You can send inspirational messages, prayer chain requests, event reminders, cancellation notifications, daily prayers – short, simple messages that help congregation members integrate faith into their hectic days. 

Perhaps your church is having a Friday Night event that you want to promote. Using our intuitive web-based software, a reminder can be sent to hundreds (or thousands) of congregation members in minutes.

  • Youth group event reminders
  • Text Contests & Trivia
  • Event reminders, i.e. classes, food drives, fundraisers, etc
  • Prayer requests, inspirations messages, scripture readings, donation requests, etc.
  • Emergency alerts
  • Group notifi cations - practice times, upcoming events, etc
  • Text Voting & Polling with Text2Screen Live Results
  • Interactive Speakers
  • Live Surveying & Feedback

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